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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Size Standby Generator Do I Need to Run Electric Items in My House During a Power Outage?
Most average homes 3000 sq. ft. can run critical items in the home by using a 20,000 watt generator or less. Larger Liquid Cooled Standby Generator Systems will supply as much as 75,000 watts of starting power to your home automatically, giving your family the power, freedom and comfort of their usual lifestyle, uninterrupted by power failure.

Q: Can I Run a Computer or Other Sensitive Electronic Equipment Off the Generator During a Power Outage?
Yes, the power coming from your generator is just as safe as what you normally have coming out of the wall socket. The spikes or surges that accompany power generation (also known as “harmonic distortion”) are just a normal aspect of electricity. However, when considering sensitive or expensive electronic equipment running off a wall outlet, you should use a good surge protector to guard against small influxes in power.

Q: Can I Run the Generator Inside My Home?
No. A generator has an internal combustion engine and uses gas and oil. The exhaust from running the generator contains lethal carbon monoxide. Therefore, this unit should always be placed in a wellventilated area.

Q: Do I Need to Start the Generator Frequently When it is Not Being Used?
One of the advantages of a Residential Standby Generator Systems is that they are designed to run once a week for 12 minutes. All you have to do is program when you want this task to be performed and it will start up automatically.

Q: What Does a Standby Generator System Typically Cost?
The cost of the system includes the generator itself, a power transfer switch and installation charges. Optional maintenance agreements can also be added if you desire. Call for a free in home estimate to get exact costs.

Q: Is Financing Available?
Yes! In most cases, our customers choose to finance a part of, or all of the cost. Financing is available to our customers for our standby generator program.



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