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Features and Benefits

UL-Listed Automatic Transfer Switch
• Automatically signals the generator to produce emergency electrical power when utility fails and disconnects when utility power returns.

• Within seconds your generator is producing electrical power without you having to even flip a switch. You don't have to be home for your system to work!

Automatic Exerciser
• Seven (7) day interval testing of the power generating system.

• You set the system to exercise at a prescribed time and day of the week. This allows you to verify that your system is in peak operating condition between utility failures.

Convenient Fuel Supply
• Operates on home/business natural gas or LP gas service.

• Provides you with potentially unlimited run time during extended utility power failures.

• On Board LED System Fault Indicators - low oil pressure, high engine temperature shutdown, overspeed/overcrank shutdown and system ready light (air-cooled models only)

• Aids in performance of servicing in the event of a system
difficulty. Leads technician to a more specific area for
troubleshooting purposes. Reduces service time.

OHVI® Single or Twin-Cylinder Engine
• Full-pressure lubrication system with automotive spin-on oil filter (air-cooled only).

• Finest lubrication technology available and provides
instantaneous disbursement of lubricant to all engine parts.

• Easy change filter.

Automatic Voltage Regulator
• Maintains constant voltage with varying loads.

• Eliminates voltage spikes and allows operation of sensitiveelectronic equipment.

Maintenance Friendly
• Air-cooled models include a hinged top and removable
front panel. Liquid-cooled models feature large removable
enclosure doors.

• Provides easy and quick access to all maintenance and service parts. Reduces preventative maintenance or repair time.



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